Deck Accessories

  • Color Matching Screws

    Color Matching Screws

    Headcote Cap-Tor xd


    Color matching screws to fasten deck board with face screw method for maximum strength


    Stainless steel, pack of 100 to 1750 pcs

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  • Hidden Fastening Plug

    Hidden Fastening Plug

    DECKFAST Pro Plug System


    An easy and convenient way to drill in face fastening screws and finish the job with color and grain matching plugs made out of real Inteplast Building Products deck


    Stainless steel, each box contains 75 screws, 85 plugs and it’s good for 20 SQ FT

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  • Hidden Fastening System

    Hidden Fastening System

    TigerClaw, EB-TY, Simpson Strong-Tie, Mantis


    Fastening deck boards from the sides, do not have to worry about protruding the screw heads and/or having color differences, create a fastener free surface.


    Comes in various package. Please contact manufacturers for further information.