Workability: Trim

If you can work with wood trim then you can work with Inteplast PVC trim since it looks and cuts like real wood. You can use the same hand and power tools as conventional woodworking for easier installation - no special tools are required!

Inteplast PVC trim also nails, screws, glues, and routs like wood. No pre-drilling is required when working above 32° F. Also, no painting is required since it's pre-finished.

Here are some tips for routing, cutting, and drilling your Inteplast Building Products Trim:


Rout Inteplast Building Products Trim and Moulding with a typical router using carbide tipped bits. Take care to properly secure the products to minimize movement when routing.


Use carbide tipped blades, avoiding fine tooth blades. Properly secure the Inteplast Building Products Trim to minimize movement when cutting.


Use the same drill bits you would with wood trim, and avoid frictional heat build-up by frequently removing shavings from the drill hole.


No other traditional building materials can give you the creativity in architectural style and detail as Inteplast Building Products when it comes to the finishing touches of your house. With our trim and millwork products you can create custom shapes and curves through an advanced heat-bending process for unlimited craftsman applications.

In addition, our embossing technology keeps the wood grain patterns intact during the heat bending process so you can maintain the authentic looking wood texture while creating custom shapes and curves for unlimited craftsman applications.