Inteplast Mouldings are the ultimate statement pieces to accent your home inside and out. With the look of real wood, without real wood maintenance, it’s the right accessory for a maintenance-free lifestyle. Once you’ve selected from 50 profiles, your Inteplast pre-finished, no-sanding, no painting moulding is ready to install using basic woodworking tools and skills.

Prepare The Surface

  • Clean the surface where the moulding will be attached. If removing old caulk, use a putty knife or scraper.
  • Sand the surface smooth to create an even area for measuring and attaching the moulding.

Estimate The Pieces Needed

  • Using a tape measure, measure the dimensions for the area where you plan to attach moulding, and add up the total number of feet.
  • Take this number and divide by the length of the moulding you are going to use.
  • Round up to the next whole number for the minimum total number of moulding pieces you will need.
  • As a rule of thumb, add 10% to 20% more to your total measurement to account for cut pieces and mistakes.

Buying Moulding Tools and Material

  • Use your measurements to determine the needed amount of moulding.
  • Pick up the tools you need from the list below

Measure and Mark The Area

  • Measure the outermost edges of the project area. If your design requires miter cuts, this measurement will ultimately be the longest point of your mitered pieces.
  • When cutting miters, start the angled cut on one end of a moulding piece.
  • Measure from the long point of the miter, and mark the desired length on the opposite end of the moulding piece.
  • To help with miters, use a combination square or speed square to mark the mitered line.

Cutting The Moulding Pieces

  • On a miter saw, position the blade on the waste side of the marked line on the moulding piece. Position the piece so that the marked line is 1/16 to 1/8 inch away from the blade.
  • Clamp the moulding piece in place, and make the cut.
  • Follow the same procedure to use a handsaw with a miter box. Position the marked line 1/16 to 1/8 inch away from the cutting guide slot on the miter box.