Particular to PVC

Unlike traditional wood materials, Inteplast products are resistant to harsh weather, biodegradation, and damage from insects.

Their versatility in applications meet various modern architectural needs and can replace traditional building materials. When working with Inteplast PVC products, there are some specific details to ensure their longevity and beauty.

Expansion & Contraction

All exterior building materials will expand and contract, including wood. Wood expands in humidity and contracts in dryer air, which causes maintenance issues and increased repair or replacement costs.

PVC boards will expand and contract as well but in reverse. When the air is hot PVC materials expand, but contract when it’s cold.

To reduce repair and replacement costs, and minimize material movement when working with Inteplast Deck or Décor Deck, follow these tips at the onset of installation.

  • Let the product acclimate to the outside temperature before installing.
  • Use stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized screws instead of nails to restrict movement.
  • Always use our recommended fasteners.
  • Double-fasten on both sides of board-to-board joints. For applications wider than 8”, please use additional fasteners (Ex. Fascia installation)
  • Reduce on-center spacing to 12 inches on long runs. Place expansion joints in discrete locations to keep any movement from being noticeable.
  • Keep in mind that product subject to direct sunlight has a slightly greater possibility of movement.

PVC Deck

Our deck can expand with long periods of exposure to direct sunlight. Stainless screws can help to reduce the movement.

Lightweight PVC

For the most part, lightweight PVC building materials are easier to handle and easier to install than heavier weight products like wood and composite materials. To put things into perspective, wood and composite weigh approximately 30% more than PVC. The lightweight nature of PVC means less time installing, which means less labor and more savings.

But don’t let the lightweight fool you. Inteplast Building Products PVC products are durable, strong, and reliable. In addition, our PVC products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and are recognized by the International Code Council (ICC).

Lightweight Deck Material

Lighter than composite or wood, our deck has the best quality and warranty to assure your peace of mind.

Painting PVC

Unlike traditional wood materials, Inteplast PVC exterior products do not require painting. Traditional wood products used in outdoor applications require repainting and restaining every two years to prevent weathering and decay. Painting Inteplast PVC exterior products will void the warranty.

Ready To Install

PVC trim does not require paint for protection.

PVC Bendability

No other traditional building materials can give you the creativity in architectural style and detail as Inteplast Building Products material when it comes to the finishing touches of your house.

Inteplast PVC products can be both cold bent and heat bent to create custom shapes and curves.

In addition, the wood grain pattern of Inteplast Building Products remains intact after the heat bending process.

Flexible Beauty

Our trim can be easily bend to shapes, and the woodgrain pattern remains after heat forming process.

PVC and Heat

Building products that are exposed to the high heat of the summer sun will be hot to the touch, and not to mention on those bare feet. However, Inteplast Decks will release the heat quicker than wood decking.

No Thermo Effect

Inteplast PVC Decks were engineered to release heat quicker.